Using a therapist to grieve

famThere are many times in a person’s life where it becomes necessary to receive the impact of a therapist in a group to receive feedback and support in grieving over losing a loved one. It is especially important when losing a gay spouse who has been part of your life for many years. This type of grieving therapy becomes necessary because when you lose your mate you lose half of your being. Being used to a husband or wife, and suddenly are devoid of their presence, leaves one not only to grieve, but to be lonesome, and feel unwanted.

There are several things that a gay therapist DFW can help a person do, and that is, to examine the ideas, concepts, and frustrations in dealing with your new life. The things that a spouse did for you is no longer there, so you are faced with a new set of circumstances and a new set of problems in your life. You may have to find someone to mow the grass, take out the trash, or, you may have to adjust to do vacuuming, but whatever it is, the changes in your life need to be addressed.

Adjusting to the emotional aspect of losing a partner is terrifying, and takes a while to grieve. There are many stages in the grieving process and one of them is guilt. A person may feel guilty that they didn’t take good enough care of their spouse, when, in fact, they really didn’t have anything to do with the loss. These guilty feelings feel real, and a person asks themselves what they could have done different to save their loved one. There wasn’t anything they could do for them when it comes time for their life to end. For example, if a person had twins and lost one, that would be a total perfect example of the fallacy of blaming oneself.

One needs to deal with grief in one way or another and trying to do it alone is many times very difficult. First of all, without knowing that these feelings of guilt, blame, helplessness, hopelessness, etc. are very real and not imagined, one can realize that other people have experienced some of the same things. We gain help from others whether it’s in education or experience, we learn to correct our mistakes, to heal our inner being, by understanding the process of grieving as we are going through it. Talking to others is therapeutic in itself, and a good therapist can walk a person through all the various stages of grieving.

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